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Christopher Mavric
Street Portraits from Graz & Vienna
Christopher Mavric has dedicated his first book to the genre of street photography. Everything in his portraits of Austrians living in Vienna and Graz is ‘live’ and unstaged.

The book features passers-by in the literal sense, contemporaries hurrying through both the picture and the city, but also dwellers and denizens in their respective district environments, waiting, lingering, or stranded on a bench, each in their own specific habitus, wholly contemporary or entirely of yesteryear – now suspended for all eternity in the photographic image featured in the book.

“All the persons portrayed are strangers I photographed on the street. I asked very few of them for their permission. Everything had to go so quickly. Photographs are always more authentic when people don’t have time to think about how they look. Many of these captured situations seem absurd, and the people in it peculiar. But they’re not. It is all workaday, and the people are quite ordinary – they’re the people we encounter every day on the street.” CM

Text by Johannes Witek

Language: English