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Walking Artist

Hamish Fulton

Examples of categories for walks made between 1971 and 2000.
First coast to coast road walk - across the neck of England 1971.
A walk up to 20.000 feet on Illampu Bolivia 1972.
1022 mile walk (1635 kilometres) Scotland England and Wales 1973.
A two week adventure trek - Zanskar to Kishkwar Northern India 1978.
Seven consecutive one day walks on the same route - Mount Hiei Japan 1991.

A continuous walk without sleep - 125 miles ( 200 kilometres) on the Pilgrims Way England 1991.

Solstice - 1107 kilometres road walk ( 692 miles ) from the south coast to the north coast of France 1-21 June 1992.

The moon -  Walking from the day of the September full moon to the nighz of the October full moon 1994. France to Austria.

A walk across an entire city (London) while following the course of the River Thames 1996.

A selfsufficient 3 week backpacking trip - Beartooth mountains Montana 1997.

Twelfth connecting walk on the Kii Peninsula Japan 1984-1998.

Seven consecutive one day 44 mile walks ( 70 kilometres) Kent England 1998.

Repeat route group walks - 14 walkers Japan 1994, 26 walkers Italy 1998.

Seventeenth coast to coast walk on the British Isles - across the neck of Scotland 1999.

Fourteenth 7 day walk in the Cairngorms region of Scotland. ( A total of 98 days 1985-1999).

A guided and resupplied 3 week wilderness trek - Wrangell Saint Elias, Alaska 1999.

Team member of a commercial expedition climbing to 8175 metres on Cho Oyu Tibet 2000.


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