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  • Sieverding


Klaus Theweleit, Thomas Mann, Georg Trakl, Heiner Müller, Stefan George

Dieser Katalog erscheint anläßlich der Ausstellung: Katharina Sieverding "Stauffenberg - Block I-XVI/1969"
10. Juli - 14. August 1966
Galerie im Traklhaus, Salyburg

Katharina Sieverding was born in 1944 in Prague which was occupied at the time by the German Forces. In the same year, a bomb attack, planned by Oberst Claus Graf Schenkenberg in the headquarters “Wolfsschanze” of the Führer failed. 

In 1969, twenty-five years later, cautious interest in the history of post-war Germany began to stir. During this time of change Katharina Sieverding began to photograph. 
Since 1975 she has been taking large format photos, trying to create a space in which everything is imaginable. Ambivalence is one stylistic device in her work: Standing in front of a foreign face, staring at you, you take a step back to try and get a “perspective”, then you step closer again, because the photographic surface is fascinating.
Sprache: Deutsch