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The Chirologic Tragedies. Grisly Notes and Tones. A Spectacle of Ruin and Doubt

Catherine Sullivan
Fama & Fortune Bulletin, Heft 26
A limited edition magazine each issue of which is effectively a "performance" by a chosen artist who determines every detail of the text and graphics.
Published since 1990. A collector's item.

 "The hand is the index to the mind." (John Bulwer)

The spectacle written by Catherine Sullivan is illustrated with 27 pictures.

Catherine Sullivan (born 1968) is a Los Angeles based artist whose work combines video and performance. She was educated at the California Institute of Arts and the Art Center College of Design. She is a former actor, and studied as a graduate student under Mike Kelley. Sullivan’s anxiety inducing films and live performances reveal the degree to which everyday gestures and emotional states are scripted and performed, probing the border between innate and learned behavior. Under Sullivan’s direction, actors perform seemingly erratic, seizure-like jumps between gestures and emotional states, all while following a well-rehearsed, numerically derived script. Unsettling and disorienting, Sullivan’s work oscillates between the uncanny and camp, eliciting a profound critique of “acceptable” behavior in today’s media-saturated society. A maelstrom of references and influences—from vaudeville to film noir to modern dance—Sullivan’s appropriation of classic filming styles, period costumes, and contemporary spaces such as corporate offices draws the viewer’s attention away from traditional narratives and towards an examination of performance itself.

Language: English