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Film Implosion!

Fri Art, Kunsthalle Fribourg (Hg.)
Experimental Cinema in Switzerland
Film Implosion is the first and only available publication on Swiss Experimental Film history, spanning from the mid-1950's to today.

 With more than 150 images and 4 important essays it unfold a complex picture interweaved with several histories such as feminism, political documentary and contemporary art. One encounters Jean-Luc Godard, HHK Schoenherr, Gregory G. Markopoulos and Dieter Roth, but also hiden figures like H.J. Sieber or Isa Hesse-Rabinovitch, among many others. The book also focuses on Switzerland as an international hub for avant-garde film with, for instance, a full chapter on P.A.P., the first "international film gallery" opened in the late 1960s in Munich and Zürich

Sprache: Englisch