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Goodnight Freak - Minda Andren

Minda Andren

This fanzine „Goodnight Freak“, probably from Minda Andren, depicts works from Minda Andren's exhibition "Cuirass" in a new context of drawings.

About the works of Minda Andrens exhibition „Cuirass“: For her new body of works, Andrén was inspired by ‘nude bubbling’ - a pop cultural practice consisting in partially covering pictures or videos of women and men in swimsuits with bubble patterns, to give the impression that they are naked or having sex. Andrén transports this technique onto her paintings as a pure structural element, which embraces different materialities and functions as a binding element. The repetition, which is already the basis of her work, is reinforced. The bubble matrix is not originally a means of censorship of physicality but, on the contrary, a kind of imaginative stimulus to see more than is actually present and thus for Andrén an abstract instrument of seduction.