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Alex Ruthner
Special Edition with Etching, Nr. 19, 27, 28
Artist book with etching. Pu­blis­her: Ste­fan Bid­ner, Art Di­rec­tion and De­sign: Alex Rut­h­ner, Et­ching pro­duc­tion: Ge­org Eg­ger.
Edi­ti­on of 250 in­clu­ding spe­cial edi­ti­ons of 100 with an et­ching on hand­ma­de deck­le-ed­ged pa­per 350 g, 20,6 x 29,5 cm, si­gned and num­be­red. All works cour­te­sy of Alex Rut­h­ner, Wie­ner Art Foun­da­ti­on, Vi­en­na 2016.

Alex Ruthner is an Austrian artist, whose work oscillates between figuration and abstraction, in an almost compulsive accumulation of marks and signs. He studied under Albert Oehlen at the Dusseldorf Academy and Daniel Richter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Alex Ruthner lives and works in Vienna.

Language: English