Raffaella della Olga



Artist book


Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2018, 19.00 Uhr


Gäste im Salon: Raffaella della Olga


Präsentation des Künstlerinnenbuchs und Gespräch 



Salon für Kunstbuch Belvedere21

Arsenalstraße 1

1030 Wien





Raffaella della Olga was born in Bergamo (It). After a brief career as a criminal lawyer she studied at the Beaux-Arts in Milan before coming to Paris where she lives. There, the discovery of Un Coup de Dès Jamais n'abolira le Hasard by Mallarmé (ed. 1914) led to a complete change in her artistic work. Finding her inspiration in minimal and conceptual art as much as in avant-garde poetry, she seizes the mechanical typewriter to shape her own language, crossing typed writing and drawing, where the dash, an air sign, takes precedence over the letter and the number. With four keys, including one modified, Raffaella draws with discontinuous features on a stage of writing where she multiplies echoes to breathing and silence.


Bernhard Cella is interested in the economic and sculptural framework in which artists’ books – highly informed objects in themselves – can be used as artistic materials. To this end, he conceptualized the ’Salon für Kunstbuch’, a life-size model of a bookshop, in his studio in Vienna. Since 2007, more than 12.000 artists' books have accumulated and entered into unfamiliar vicinities and dialogues. Buying and selling these objects become an integral part of an original artistic practice. www.cella.at, www.salon-fuer-kunstbuch.at



Raffaella della Olga, T14, artist book, typewritten on paper and carbon paper, 56×42 cm, 2018, unique work; Preis auf Anfrage: info@salon-fuer-kunstbuch.at


Raffaella della Olga, artist at work, Paris 2018.