SALON FÜR KUNSTBUCH is a 1 : 1 model of a book store in public space in the center of Vienna. It is also dedicated to displaying the work of international practitioners active in the field of artist books, fanzines, magazines and critical readers. Opened in 2007 as a project by the Austrian artist Bernhard Cella gathering and making visible underdog and clandestine activity through ambitious projects that uses it as operational tools, the Salon attempts to exhibit, and exchange information about, innovative methods of self-published art production in printed format exclusively. Differently from thematic bookstores specialised in contemporary art, the Salon presents its carefully selected printed matter (also available for purchase) through a cumulative principle of rotating exhibitions, accompanied by debates, lectures and performances organised in collaboration with artists, editors, publishers, graphic designers and writers, that initiate the public differently to how to approach art publishing more conceptually. Through these unusual displays and public events, the Salon refuses traditional processes promoting contemporary art by way of exhibitions and mediation.



23. Januar 2009



18. Februar 2008