How to maneuver: Shape-shifting texts and other publishing tactics

I am very pleased to announce my participation in the exhibition
"How to manoever" at WAREHOUSE421 in Abu Dhabi/ UAE

How to maneuver:
Shape-shifting texts and other publishing tactics

10 December - 16 February
Opening: 10 December 2019 at 18:30

Abu Dhabi, Mina Zayed, Street Samrayr

Publishing is the act of making public. It is not restricted to specific producers, languages of production, sanctified routes of distribution, and privileged readers. This is not publishing as we have come to know it.
The Arab World is home to a growing number of book fairs and art book fairs. These two types of public platforms run parallel to each other, representing different, if not opposing, economies of cultural capital, systems of representation of subjects and subjectivities, as well as strategies for encountering and conversing with an audience.
This exhibition emerged out of a need to question the boundaries separating Publishing from independent publishing, or mainstream from alternative cultural production. The space that separates these different regimes of authorship, publishing and readership, is also the space where these differences can be maneuvered - where limits are creatively questioned and hardened practices lured to speak in different tongues. This is the space that this exhibition inhabits.
How to maneuver follows the footsteps of a selection of artistic and publishing practices, and the spaces they seek to create. The works presented share a rich variety of historical and contemporary reflections on the languages and formats marginalized in the dominant publishing industry – the snubbed genres, the outlawed subjects, the troubling subjectivities, the excessive, the minimal, the unprofitable, and the unfathomable. Through the exhibition, its artworks, publications and structural interventions, we get a glimpse of some of the cultural spaces and agencies reclaimed through independent artistic and publishing practices.
Curated by Kayfa ta / Maha Maamoun and Ala Younis

The exhibition will open on 10 December 2019 until 16 February 2020.

 Artists featured in the exhibition:
 Ahmad Makia
IKREK Edições Presenting: Thiago Honório and Marilá Dardot
antoine lefebvre editions
Bady Dalloul
Bernhard Cella
Thukral and Tagra
Exhausted Geographies
Jaffat El Aqlam
The State
Hussein Nassereddine
Independent publications from the GCC
Khaldoun Chichakli
Display Distribute
Raafat Majzoub
Rafael Domenech
Shubigi Rao
Ali Eyal
Ali Yass
Ghadah Alkandari
Farah Khelil & antoine lefebvre editions
Fehras Publishing Practices
Vikram Divecha
Mohssin Harraki
Moad Musbahi
Miti Ruangkritya
Hala Bizri and Jana Traboulsi
Hind Mezaina