The invisible craft



ARTISTS TALK / Künstlergespräch

Bernhard Cella



Isin Önol in conversation with Bernhard Cella


Dienstag 17. Mai 2016, 18 Uhr

Heiligenkreuzer Hof
Schönlaterngasse 5
1010 Wien

Bernhard Cella - The Invisible Craft

What would a democracy look like if we, as individuals, would not merely live side by side but rather develop a common horizon of meaning? A democracy where ‘those without a share’ receive their share because it is understood as a ‘guarantee for the circulation of meaning’ (J.-L. Nancy)? Within the framework of Bernhard Cella’s contribution “The invisible craft,” the thread binding of the publication is performed as part of the exhibition. As the element that connects the different contents of the book, the form of the thread itself becomes content and obtains its own part in their circulation.

The technique of thread binding is practiced at a workbench constructed for the performance. The individual book chapters, which consist of contributions by the artists who participate in the exhibition, are collated, blocked, and bound at twelve working stations. The work of each producer of a thread binding is personalized through annotation and signature.

On Bookbinding
The final working step after printing is finished is called bookbinding. First, the pages of the book are cut, folded and sorted according to the correct order, then the actual binding process starts. The protection of the innerbook with a cover is also understood as part of bookbinding. Afterwards, the copies are wrapped and prepared for distribution.

Until the 19th century, bookbinding was a purely artisanal craft that reached individual peaks of mastery, especially in France. While the art of bookbinding is hardly acknowledged today, numerous bookbinders enjoyed their status as artists in the society of that time.



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Bernhard Cella, The invisible craft, On Bookbinding, Vienna 2016



Bernhard Cella, The invisible craft, workbench (construction view), Vienna 2016 



 Bernhard Cella, The invisible craft, pencil on paper, Vienna 2016 



Bernhard Cella, The invisible craft, pencil on paper, Vienna 2016