Zum Sommerfest im Belvedere21




Freitag, 29. Juni 2018, ab 16.00 Uhr


Salon für Kunstbuch Belvedere21

Arsenalstraße 1

1030 Wien




Präsentation von Künstlerbüchern der Klasse Fotografie / Gabriele Rothemann an der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien.

Mit Beiträgen von: Carmen Alber Sebastian Eder Marie Yaël Fidesser Felix J. Frühauf Tobias Izso, Kaja Joo, Mira Klug, Matthias Köck, Sophie-Luise Passow, Ismael Picker-Schiebel, Julia Reichmayr, Anna Sophia Rußmann, Johanna Samek, Magdalena Stückler und Carlos Vergara.

Kuratiert von: Bernhard Cella Judith Pichlmüller


18.30 Uhr Editionspräsentation:

A Line, However Short, Has an Infinite Number of Points

Bernhard Cella im Gespräch mit Künstler Andrés Ramírez Gaviria und Verleger 
Gérald Fromm

The work of Andrés Ramírez Gaviria, born in 1975 in Bogota, borrows cultural references from the histories of art, design, science and technology, reconfiguring them through methodologies that imagine alternative modes of perception and thought. Informed by processes of translation and transference, Gaviria’s work emphasizes moments of discord and dialogue between an experiential notion of the contemporary and the constantly changing perspectives of historical references.

Gaviria’s work has been exhibited in the Kunsthaus Graz; Kunsthaus Dresden; BA–CA Kunstforum and BAWAG Contemporary, Vienna; Ar/Ge Kunst, Italy; Caribbean Biennial and Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo; Museo de Arte del Banco de la República, Bogotá; La Casa Encendida, Madrid; and Sonambiente and Transmediale, Berlin, among others. He has been an artist-in-residence at the MuseumsQuartier, Vienna and at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York.  He was also the recipient of the Transmediale.06 Award. Two monographs of his work Between Forms of Representation and Interpretation and A Line, However Short, Has An Infinite Number of Points, have been published by Onomatopee in 2012 and Triton in 2016, respectively. His writing has appeared in Leonardo, #Errata, Flash Art International, among others. Together with Norbert Pfaffenbichler and Franz Gebetsberger in 2014, he co-founded Sigmund, a non-profit exhibition space in Vienna. Andrés Ramírez Gaviria studied media theory at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and earned a BFA from Boston University and an MA from the Winchester School of Art - University of Southampton. He lives and works in Vienna.


Bernhard Cella is interested in the economic and sculptural framework in which artists’ books – highly informed objects in themselves – can be used as artistic materials. To this end, he conceptualized the ’Salon für Kunstbuch’, a life-size model of a bookshop, in his studio in Vienna. Since 2007, more than 12.000 artists' books have accumulated and entered into unfamiliar vicinities and dialogues. Buying and selling these objects become an integral part of an original artistic practice. www.salon-fuer-kunstbuch.atwww.cella.at



 Fotocollage: Carlos Vergara






A Line, However Short, Has an Infinite Number of Points

Triton, 2017
Limited Edition 10 + 3 A.P.
Hardcover 33 x 28.5 cm
256 Pages