The Everyday Press

Guest at Salon für Kunstbuch: Arnaud Desjardin


Mittwoch, 28. September 2016, 19.00 Uhr


The Everyday Press is a publisher of art books and artist’s books. For them publishing is a collaborative process which includes various individuals. Paying particular attention to the book as a singular object, they work closely with artists, designers and writers. 
The scope of the press isn’t fixed on any particular mode of production or format, some books are released in small numbers without ISBN while others are offset printed and distributed more widely via traditional commercial networks. 
Arnaud Desjardin will present some of the publications of The Everyday Press produced during the last ten years. He will also report on his recent trip to the NY art book fair, organized by Printed Matter.

Arnaud Desjardin was born in 1969 in Argenteuil, France. He has been living and working in London, UK since 1996. He studied sculpture at Paris École des Beaux Arts 1989-1994 and holds a MFA from the University of British Columbia as well as a  MA Visual Culture from Middlesex University; he finished his Ph.D. in Fine Art Practice at Kingston University 2007-11.



Bernhard Cella ist Initiator des Salon für Kunstbuch im 21er Haus, dem weltweit ersten Museumsshop, der als künstlerische Intervention geführt wird. Das Sortiment versammelt einen vollständigen Überblick österreichischer Produktionen aus der Kunst der letzten zwei Jahre. Bernhard Cella lebt in Wien und studierte freie Kunst und Bühnenbild an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, an der Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg und an der Kunstuniversität Linz.  cella.atsalon-fuer-kunstbuch.at,


JIan Whittlesea // Becoming Invisible, 46 pages 12 × 18cm, Hardback, 2014, € 18,90.-


Both an artist’s book and a would-be practical guide, this beautiful volume offers occult instructions for becoming invisible by meditating on the color spectrum. It draws on the literature of Rosicrucianism, theosophy and esoteric yoga to demonstrate how, through breathing exercises and visualization, the reader can learn to split light into its constituent parts, then recombine the seven colors of the spectrum to form a glowing white cloud that envelops its creator, rendering him or her invisible.

Its author, London-based artist Ian Whittlesea (born 1967)--well known for his book works based on spiritual-physical exercises, such as Yves Klein: The Foundations of Judo and Mazdaznan Health & Breath Culture--notes in the preface: “These exercises are intended to allow you to become invisible. This does not, however, mean that you will physically disappear or dematerialize. Instead you will be hidden from view, concealed within a cloud of your own creation.” Gorgeous color abstractions by Whittlesea illustrate the volume throughout.