Saluti da Pinetamare

Salvatore Santoro

The photos of this book were taken during the time from 2009 to 2011 in the places along the 54 km of the National Road n. 7 Quater called "Domitiana", in the towns of Licola, Lago Patria, Ischitella, Villaggio Coppola-Pinetamare Castel Volturno, Pescopagano, Mondragone, and crossing the Mediterranean coast of the provinces of Naples and Caserta, in Italy.

These are the places of the artist's childhood summer holidays. At that time those places were still pretty wild, just built, with nature still strong. But in the following years the legal and illegal building boom began, making the area a symbol of unauthorized and environmental destruction. Today it is also one of the main drug marketplaces of center-south Italy. The artist explores the changes that occurred in this places, letting his childhood memories collide with reality.

Languages: English, Italian