Ringier AG (Hg)
Each spring, Ringi­er pub­lishes its past ye­ar busi­ness figu­res in a comprehensive annu­al report. Typically for Ringi­er, it is not your run-of-the-mill annu­al report.

In­ternatio­nally acclaimed artists have been de­si­g­ning this publi­cati­on, un­tram­meled by major re­stricti­ons since 1997 making the annu­al report a true work of art. It has beco­me very popu­lar, fas­cinating bo­th art lo­vers and col­lec­tors all over the world. The annu­al report is im­­pressive pro­of of art as an inte­gral part of Ringi­er corpora­te cul­ture. The successful fe­at of ba­lance be­tween sober figu­res and modern art im­pres­ses the fi­nanci­al world while exacting excite­ment from the cultu­ral eli­te. 


Language: German