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Informal Incidents/Kayitdisi Vukuatlar

Ahmet Ögüt

'I do not believe that power is a perfectly functioning mechanism. Yes, power is everywhere but with its weaknesses and gaps'. (Ahmet Öğüt) Ahmet Öğüt’s quote sets the scene for the selection of works on display at the artist’s solo exhibition, taking place in the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam.
( english/ turkish)

The exhibition, entitled ‘Informal Incidents’, comprises photographs, videos, an installation and an auction.The auction is an example of the artist’s celebration of actions performed in order to question social assumptions and the status quo. Öğüt praises acts like challenging the ordinary and exploring the gaps. His actions find expression in generally unspectacular but frequently disconcerting events, often recorded and transmitted to the public by use of documentary materials such as photography or video. However, by faking the action documented, Öğüt simultaneously questions the epistemological status of the documentary material: Can documentary material provide true accounts of fake actions?