Veronica Azzinari

Everything that modified the initially blank printing plate leaves its mark on the paper. You can track errors, hesitations, regrets. This is what makes etching unique and very similar to human life.

In Azzinaris works the human body is connected with mother nature through icons made up by the artist, that don’t belong to any particular belief or religion. At the same time, they are very influenced by the old tradition of alchemy and by the symbology of pagan rituals and prehistoric art. Immutabili depicts a human body as in the Holy Shroud, a linen that is believed by some to be the burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth, and that since XVI Century is preserved in the Cathedral of Turin, the city where the book was printed. On the front side, the symbols recall the life of nature and the flow of waters, where as the back is related to earth, air and time.