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Garmento Issue 1

Jeremy Lewis (Ed.)

Featuring Matthew Ames, Carmen Munoz, Patrik Ervell, Bonnie Cashin, Isaia, and Charles Kleibacker

And contributors Lori Goldstein, Zoe Ghertner, Cynthia Leung, Paul Kopkau, Alex John Beck, and Maria Chavez.

 Is fashion having an American moment?

This was the question I have asked myself as fashion has reset and shows the first sign in a long time of a new direction. What would an American moment mean? Perhaps it speaks to a moment of restraint, a step back from a decade of indulgence that has been made all too regrettable by a slumping recession.

With its very first issue, Garmento would like to answer this question with an assured and confident yes. And maybe, in all the untold, stories, it always has. 

Jeremy Lewis (ed.)

Language: English