• Fotonotities - Photo Notes

Fotonotities - Photo Notes

Hans Eijkelbook
5-12-1992 - 30-7-2004
For the past 15 years, Eijkelboom has gone on walks for two hours every day, taking surreptitious photographs of the first pattern that capture his fancy–one day, it might be “mothers and daughters shopping;” on another, “men in business suits eating lunch;” on another, “young boys in gangster rapper t-shirts;” etc.

 This decade-and-a-half-long project ends tomorrow, November 8–the date that coincides with the opening of the show at Aperture that accompanies the launch of Paris|New York|Shanghai. The book packages this work in such a way that it’s possible to look at one theme–men in striped shirts, for instance–in Paris, New York, AND Shanghai, all at the same time. It’s an ingenious little design, and acts as a visual example of globalization in action.

Language: English / Dutch