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Disembodied Archetypes

Tamy Ben-Tor and Miki Carmi

First in a series of collaborative artists’ books made by two visual artists and published by Regency Arts Press, Disembodied Archetypes features the work of performance artist Tamy Ben-Tor and painter Miki Carmi.

 “As a married couple, their ideas and processes feed each other and germinate in each other's work; creating this book is their attempt to dissect and examine these overlaps and interchanges. Disembodied Archetypes is a dissection of and - being a collaborative work - recorded testimony of their cross-pollinating artistic practices. Disembodied Archetypes consists of notes, texts, snapshots, translations, historical evidence, diagrams, Old Master paintings, family photographs, studies, and a myriad of other materials that reveal the symbiosis and constant reinforming that takes place between the work of these two artists.”
--from the publisher