Cuaderno #01

Gilgian Gelzer

Cuaderno #01 is a publication by the artist Gilgian Gelzer and features black and white photography of landscapes and people.

Gelzer is a Swiss artist who now lives and works in Paris. He is engaged in the concurrent exploration of three media: drawing, painting and photography. The specific features of these practices are rigorously adhered to, and all of them produce – and are produced by – an asynchronous experience of duration. Through an approach that is both active and contemplative at once, his work questions the definition of space and the way form takes place within it. Language, translation, idiom, awkwardness, failure, instability, arrhythmia, barbarism, etc.: these are all reflected in work that is fundamentally hybrid, as if involved with the expression of an abstract Unconscious mapping its collective reach.



Language: French