Multitudes special Issue. Art TV clash

Multitudes (Hg.)
Beyond Criticism. L'invention de la TV. Eine paradoxale Utopie. Last regards.
This special issue is experimental, and could be considered as a first attempt to produce a format for Multitudes Transnational.

Three French and German art venues (the Centre National de l’Édition et de l’Art Imprimé [cneai =] in Chatou, the Halle für Kunst Lüneburg, and the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof in Hamburg) have joined Multitudes to take a look at the relevance of television as an art form and the tenacity of the TV medium in the digital world. The results are many and varied: the production of a full day worth of TV programs by 28 artists and collectives, the presentation of three exhibitions, one per venue (Channel TV and Mire 2010, psychologie de la forme by Jean-Marc Chapoulie at Chatou, Negative Headroom: The Broadcast Signal Intrustion Incident by Simon Denny at Lüneburg, and Insert – never the same colour by Katrin Mayer, Eske Schlüters and Heiko Karn in Hamburg), and the publication of the special Art TV Clash issue of Multitudes.7

Language: English, French, German.