(T)races of Louis Agassiz: photography, body and science, yesterday and today

Maria Helena P. T. Machado, Sasha Huber

This publication presents in an original way part of the Louis Agassiz's Brazilian photographic collection, created in Rio de Janeiro and Manaus during the Thayer Expedition, in 1865-1866.

At the same time, the book grew out of the almost fortuitous meeting of professionals specialized in different fields and of different nationalities, including historians, anthropologists, anti-racists activists, artists, curators, and art critics. Finally, this book addresses both the past and the present. In examining a series of nineteenth-century racial photographs, this book reflects upon how images associated to thorougly outdated beliefs and scientific knowledge continue to haunt not only visual culture but also the politics of memory and forgetting in the twenty-first century.

Published by Capacete Entretenimentos 

Sprache: Englisch / Portugiesisch