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Paul Kranzler

KYLIE BRITNEY CHRISTINA PAMELA PINK is the new two-volume photo book project by Paul Kranzler featuring youths and young adults as its main protagonists.

Kranzler’s photographs were taken in Upper Austria, but also in Saxony, Brandenburg
and Bavaria. With his signature image vibrancy he once again seeks out young people as he sensitively accompanies them on their search for identity in a world caught up in the tension between regional traditions and global media patterns. The protagonists open up to the photographer, revealing undisguised and intimate images. For the book in general and individual photographs in particular, Markus Binder, the legendary drummer and lyricist of the Attwenger duo, contributed essays that evoke the stories behind the images and give the book an added literary dimension that is just as striking.
Published for the first time in the enclosed magazine SYNDICATE18 are photographs that Kranzler took from the mid-1990s to 2013 – of his friends and himself,direct and unreflected in terms of fi ne art photography. The concept underpinning this particular work is the re-examination and evaluation of his archive. In the initial images Kranzler himself appears in the form of self-portraits. This gives rise to the phenomenon of age equality between photographer and subject. The title SYNDICATE 18 is derived from the name of rapper ICE-T’s record label and stands for the average age of the persons portrayed and the period over which the photographs were taken.

Language: English