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Die Götter im Exil

Peter Pakesch (Hg.)
Salvador Dalí, Albert Oehlen u.a.
This work includes essays by Peter Pakesch, Katrin Bucher, August Ruhs, and Heinrich Heine. In works of Albert Oehlen, Salvador Dali, Arnold Bocklin, Christian Ludwig Attersee, Karel Teige, Philippe Halsman and Max Klinger mythology becomes a determinative constant as a traditional principle of ordering the world into its idols.

 In Bocklin's work it is very much apparent, albeit in line with the understanding of Heine's "Gods in Exile". In Dali's work it is already encrypted and distorted , transforming in Oehlen's work into a disparate system of reference that puts modern myths under the scrutiny of the critical eye, as it were. In all of these works, it is the artist figure - regardless of its fragile and questionable status - by which we gauge all the possible myths. The artist figure as the central anchor point appears as the creator of order and as the creator of itself. This catalogue accompanies the exhibition Die Gotter im Exil / Gods in Exile at Kunsthaus Graz, and includes an interview with Albert Oehlen by Daniel Baumann


Sprache: Deutsch