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One Is Not Enough

Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller

The heart of filmmaker Friedl vom Gröller is constituted by portraiture - whether she captures friends, acquaintances, family members, filmmakers, artists or simply clients, each for the most part gazing directly into the camera.

Since 1972 to the present, Kubelka has also placed herself in front of the camera for her project Jahresportraits (Yearly Portraits) in which she mercilessly documents the process of aging. It has become the structural credo of Kubelka's artistic practice to juxtapose the individual photograph with many other photographs.

The monograph focuses upon individual serial works as combined with contemporary portrait series showing e.g. artists from Senegal which are combined with others from Kubelka's archive. So as to multiply perspectives, individual portraits are juxtaposed with others (double portraits), or more. As extras a journal about the murial painter Pape Mamadou Samb aka Papisto Boy and a USB stick with a selecton of films of the artist are attached to the book.
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