Common Places

44 Strategies for public space
Common Places is an international and collaborative research initiated and promoted by architecture office Plan Comun, focused on the discussion and production of formal strategies to maximize public or collective space.

The 44 strategies presented here were pruduced by Plan COmun along with a group of architects contributing to Common Places since 2012. The methodology is straightforward: each proposal was explained with a text no longer than 300 words. This material described the position on a specific topic, the concept behind its formal strategie and the form responding to this particular vision. In each proposal an argument was tested through a series of debates and conversations among the various participans in the series, dismantling the individual ownership of the proposal. The next stage consisted of a single isometric drawing sythesizing the main attributes of each case, aiming to make a clear statement of its transformative will within the urban fabric.

We believe this series represents a modest but clear contribution to the debte regarding the future of public space.

Language: English