Planer i endring (changing plans)

Stefan Klampfer

Stefan Klampfer (b. 1979, Kitzbühel) works with sculpture, photography, drawing and art in public space. He holds an MFA in sculpture from Academy of fine arts in Vienna, Austria (2013), where he also lives and works.

Taking Auguste Rodin’ sculpture “Monument to Balzac” as a point of departure, Austrian artist Stefan Klampfer experiments with the creative process of producing a concept for an exhibition. When he realizes that his initial idea of creating sculptures reminiscent of Balzac’s robe fails, he allows himself to dwell on the circumstances of having no artworks and an exceeded budget. Using the unfortunate circumstances to his benefit, he presents what he calls “empty sculptures” or crates, which in turn illuminates the art world’s fear of talking about failure and denial and also discusses the preconditions for producing artistic work.

Language: English