Tales of Resistance and Change

Rodrigo Alonso (Kurator)
Artists from Argentina
Tales of Resistance and Change. Artists from Argentina brings together the production of twelve contemporary Argentine artists and groups of artists that conceive their environments as a field for reflection and action. Social and political consequences of the financial crisis of the years 2001-2003 in Argentina form the backdrop of the exhibition.

By questioning the reality around them the artists reactivated critical practices that had remained dormant during the previous neo-liberal period, interacting with the new political activism, approaching several communities or creating social inclusion projects with sectors of the population that had been particularly affected by the financial conflict.

The exhibition displays these practices through works that oscillate between artistic and cultural production, where the human factor is ever-present. Some touch upon situations of resistance, change, development or adaptation in a concrete way; others do so poetic or metaphorically. The geopolitical complexity of the country influences those works in which urban and rural rhythms, immigrant and native heritage, transformations and political conflicts are perceived. They are to be understood as processes of research in which the present, traditions and recent history are combined, giving insights into the artistic practice of Argentina in the past ten years.

Language: German / English / Spanish