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Occulto Issue E: The Metamorphosis

Antoine Laurain, Billie et al.

Meet the Popular Republic of Photosynthesis; learn how thin and blurry the boundary between living and inanimate can be; read challenging reflections about our interpretation of the theory of evolution; discover how cleverly Queen Dido took advantage of the isoperimetric problem; watch gossip stars morphed into Poltergeist; download the second great selection of music compiled by Onga Boring Machines.

Metamorphosis is mostly about waking up one morning in your bed in the guise of a giant bug, or turning into a disgusting fly-like creature under the terrified eyes of Geena Davis – an unwanted side effect of some homemade experiments with teleportation.
We don’t necessarily have to bother with such prominent fictive examples to see the terrible and baffling beauty of metamorphosis in action: it is all around us and even inside us.

Language: English