Reality of Here and There

Yoshie Itasaka
Journey through Georgia
When I was traveling throughout Germany, I met a lot of German people whose ancestors had emigrated to the Baltic or Caucasus region. And so, I become interested in the roots of German culture and how it has spread to other countries. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, was the center that connected European, Russian, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. In fact I have personally found a lot of traces and evidence of these cultures in Georgia.

Nowadays, most Europeans don't know much about their history and the history of their art and culture. They are not aware of the rich trail of exchange that artists were following during the end of the 19th and beginninng of the 20th century. In the era, European and Russian artists had a lot of interaction.
I feel sad for the history and the wonderful Eastern European and Russian art that has been destroyed by the Soviet Union. The information regarding the history of the former Soviet block and Eastern Europe is still really poor in Western societies. One will not be able to know a country truly unless one visits there.

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