Printed Cinema#1

Rosa Barba
Broadcasting from Home
Printed Cinema #1 - Broadcasting from Home, containing night shots of a city taken from a high-rise building, appeared in October 2004 as a free supplement to the season’s first issue of the Austrian art magazine Springerin.

The publication project Printed Cinema continues the audiovisual work of German/Italian artist Rosa Barba, as a personal reflection on the essence of the cinematographic, wherein images are merely articulated in the space in-between images. Gaps, ellipses, dialectics between images - basically modernist notions - are essential in that respect. In Printed Cinema this is expressed in the editing principle, as well as in the oppositions between film and printing, between text and image. Apart from the specific distribution method, of course, which extends the project into a wide range of cultural and social contexts. In this way Printed Cinema challenges the outer boundaries of the artist’s book. Mechanisms appropriate to the medium of film are translated into a different context.

Language: English