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Friedrich kiesler 1890 - 1965

inside the endless house
The Endless House is not a real building but a vision in the mind of Fredrick Kiesler, and -despite tireless efforts on his part and numerous attempts- its practical realization has never come to pass.

With a coherence bordering on the obsessive, right up to the very end of his life he cherished the idea of achieving a radically new synthesis of form and content, starting out from the model of the detached one-family house and following a long detailed process. The material which this “endless” dream is made is undoubtedly heterogenous: a few models, a fair number of sketches, drawing and plans, photos of shows and exhibitions and also manifestos, impeccably laid out, together with theoretical dissertations and poetic texts and, last but not least, jottings in his dairy, all of which create a background, a kind of mosaic from which we can reconstruct the complex aspects of form and content implicit in the Endless House.

Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch