I am wasting my time

Federico Pepe
Le Dictateur Press
The monumental and ultra sophisticated book “I am wasting my time” brings together, for the first time, the surprising formal variations developed around this sequence of words by Federico Pepe for three years, using different media and techniques.

The work is driven by the search for a potentially infinite aesthetic heterogeneity, pushing experimentation with its chosen sign to the absolute limit. The importance of this complex project lies first and foremost in the light it sheds on the value of time as a variable in artistic creation and performance. Designer and architect Patricia Urquiola writes: “I think Federico continues to work on ‘I am wasting my time’ as a way of not losing this area of freedom he has, like a mandala so that he doesn't forget the infra-time in which to create.” “Federico Pepe is a designer with an interest in how the communication process can be shaped, fully aware that the act of designing is increasingly an intertwining of disciplines. He is able to initiate and build relationships and experiences, educated to move between different practices, he is an artist, author, director, catalyst, cultural operator, creative, publisher, entrepreneur, curator, producer and adman.The titanic work ‘I am wasting my time’ is born inside this existential adventure, in the flow of a hyper modern world” (Azalea Seratoni).

Language: English