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Dragoș Hanciu

While documenting a feeling rather than an event, Hometown is a visual study about the homesickness triggered by migration.

Orăștie, is the photographer's Hometown, a small Transylvanian city which suffers from depopulation - one of those small towns that is getting smaller.

There is a forthcoming-nostalgia to Dragoș's work - he depicts a present that has kept something of the past, but will also serve as postcards for the future. He shoots analog for the sake of intimacy and surprise, but also in order to slow the world down. You can't see the picture right away. You can't delete it. There is a soft layer of dust, like a filter of time, which you can't wipe off these images.
In Dragoş’s Hometown, there are still people. Old and young, and still. They glance at him striking sculptural poses. They are the only people that stay in Orăștie forever. What’s more, these images are inhabited by an ineradicable feeling of familiarity, because they do represent other small, depopulated cities. Other Hometowns where there isn't any there there. 
When was the last time you were home?