My sweet little lamb

(Everything we see could also be otherwise)
A series of exhibitions based on the Kontakt Art Collection dedicated to Mladen Stilinović
sixth episode
11/04 – 06/05/2017

My sweet little lamb (Everything we see could also be otherwise) unfolded in Zagreb through six episodes from November 2016 to May 2017. An “exhibition in time”, it was based on the Kon­
takt Art Collection from Vienna which features conceptual, post-conceptual and experimental artistic practices from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe from the 1960s onwards. The seminal artworks included in the Kontakt Art Collection since its inception in 2004 have made it a crucial art historical resource for the research and devel- opment of contemporary art in the region. At the same time, its location in Vienna, as well as its regional scope, make it a suitable starting point to critically approach the very notion of Eastern European Art as a short-hand for the geopolitical paradigm and ideological framework in which it is contained; to re ect upon the mechanisms of  ltering local material to international prominence within new circuits of communication, distribution and exchange in the art world.