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Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies

Oliver Ressler
western recording
The exhibition "Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies" focuses on diverse concepts and models for alternative economies and societies, which all have in common a rejection of the capitalist system of rule (further information:

In the specific context of Serbia and Montenegro, which is facing one of the most "painful" processes of transition and "predatory" capitalism implementation in the region, this art exhibition by Oliver Ressler offers solutions and examples of concrete models of political and social organizing realized in different parts of the world and in different historical epochs. In the context of extremely right-wing politics in Serbia and these incredibly fast economic transformation processes, there is a conviction that the exhibitions have the potential to appeal on questioning and rethinking the local system of rule and to create the bases for thinking about social and economic alternatives.

hrsg. vom New Media; mit Textbeiträgen von Marina Grzinic, Brian Holmes, Kristian Lukic und einem Interview mit Oliver Ressler (englisch/serbisch)