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Fall 2010 Rudolf Stingel, Hans Bellmer, Loouise Bourgois, Karthik Pandian, Matthias Poledna, Mario Merz, Walter De Maria, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Ellsworth Kelly, Charlotte Posenenske, Melvin Moti, XIV Biennale di Carrara, Lose Examination, Richard Sera, Jorge Peris, Robert & Ethell Scull, Ryan Gander

The aim is to favorite through visual reviews the circulation of the visual arts and help the reader to shape his own, authentic opinion completing the pivotal role brought by institutional and independent critique. 

AGMA features deep coverages of a limited number of worldwide exhibitions overseen by a constantly changing editorial board.

AGMA aims to reveal under-seen exhibitions or to contextualize successful shows within the past season. Exhibitions promoted by established institutions or private galleries are presented in the same format as exhibitions occurred independent spaces or out-of-the-map locations. Too many valid experiences slowly get lost in oral history.


AGMA is made up of six different sections:

Exhibitions presents extensive visual reviews of recent exhibitions in galleries and institutions worldwide

Archive presents an historic exhibition

Studio presents an artist's studio

Collection presents a private collection

Depiction presents a commissioned artist project

Advertising presents a selection of published advertisements 


Language: English