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Jytte Høy

On the last pages there is an index of her complete work.
The artist is living and working in Kopenhagen and Berlin
Various Small Objects is represented at Louisiana Museum.

The senses, here primarily sight, are more willing to accept mutations, bits and pieces, than the understanding.The objects end up playing an absurd game of ping-pong with the observer's attempts to understand. You have to play it by ear. Constantly and consistently, the linguistic and rational clues that are built up are broken down again; but what reason cannot assemble or cannot stomach, like the biscuit bristling with pins, is confirmed by the tactile. Where the evidence of the eye seems to clash with the flaw in the logic, the senses must pay off an old debt for rationality. The objects are therefore not really psychologically uncomplicated: they are prefigurations of a different knowledge, elements in the ABC of touch.

Berlin 2010, Revolver Publishing, 144 pages, 180 ill., 26,5 x 30 cm, Hardcover, English