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3 Communiqués

Alun Rowlands

3 Communiqués is a documentary fiction charting a journey through the marginal histories of communalism, self-presentation and collective agency. It forges a subjunctive archaeology that renegotiates utopian propositions as a way of both making art and as a tool for progressive thinking.

Stanley Green, ‘The ‘Protein Man’ is embroiled in an argument. He trawls the city streets campaigning for the suppression of desire through diet. His self-published pamphlet, ‘Eight Passion Proteins with Care’ outline the connections between nutrition, sedentary life and human sexuality.  A second constellation recounts the history of a non-conformist group founded on action-analysis and bohemian schedules. Elsewhere, socialist-utopian Charles Fourier forms the basis of a discussion about the occupation of Sealand, His passional series and visionary designs of the Phalanx rouse the search for an islet of resistance.

Three pamphlets with gatefold binding